Pages from the past - I.F. Stone on the Korean War

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"While the arms race and the attendant inflation were ruining America's
allies, American leadership was still gripped by dread of the consequences
of peace upon the the economy. This dread was dictating the actions of the
politicians and business leaders. An economy accustomed to ever larger
injections of inflationary narcotic trembled at the thought that its deadly
stimulant might be shut off. The road to war was more than ever the path of
least resistance in 1952. If peace came in Korea, there might be new Koreas
in the making in Indo-China and Burma. If not there, then with American
troops in Korea some new "incident" might start up the war again. The
dominant trend in American political, economic, and military thinking was
fear of peace. General Van Fleet summed it all up in speaking to a visiting
Filipino delegation in January, 1952: "Korea has been a blessing. There had
to be a Korea either here or some place in the world". In this simpleminded
confession lies the key to the hidden history of the Korean War."

- from I.F. Stone, The Hidden History of the Korean War (Monthly Review
Press, 1952), p. 347-348.

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