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Thu Nov 21 11:36:16 MST 2002


If you want to be more successful than you are, you ought to recognise that
emotions (such as shame) are not rationally grounded. We may rationally
investigate the mental associations and objective circumstances which
produce the feeling of shame as a basic moral feeling, and change those
associations and circumstances. But ultimately shame is not something you
can reason about, one just feels that way. Shame (or other feelings) can
work for us or against us, depending on the person and the ethnic
circumstances (different cultures have their own emotional complexes). There
is for example such a thing as "national feeling or national sentiment",
which implies a characteristic, specific response, on average, to a
stimulus, to which another nation would react somewhat differently. A
Marxist would of course immediately add to this, that there is also such a
thing as "class feeling", the feelings of a particular social class.



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