Alan Wald is cool. So is Israel.

Mike Friedman mikedf at
Thu Nov 21 14:17:25 MST 2002

The Israeli army is no "Jewish" army, but the army of a racist state
that exists at the expense of Palestinians and their land. It's the
army of a colonial settler state, a foreign body embedded in the
Middle East, a leech, a tick, if you will: the army of a parasitic
nation, led by a parasitic ruling class whose fundamental basis of
existence is to continue to occupy Palestinian land, steal
Palestinian resources, exploit Palestinian labor and oppress the
Palestian people.  And the "difference Israel makes in the world,"
beyond facilitating U.S. domination of the Middle East and its oil,
is to dispossess an entire people. The Nazis had a similar
distinction. I say this as a "son of Brooklyn Jews."

Mike Friedman

>Because of anti-Semitism, for instance, targetting people simply
>because they are "Brooklyn-born Jews," I think Jews need their own
>army; but since 1948, we have that.
>Joseph Telushkin makes a good point. In July 1946, the Poles in a
>place called Kielce rioted against their Jewish neighbors, Holocaust
>survivors, killing some dozens of people. No one did anything. Thity
>years later, when a plane full of Jewish travelers was seized by
>terrorists and diverted to Uganda, the Israel Defense Force was able
>to intervene and save all but one of the Jewish hostages. That's the
>difference Israel makes in the world.

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