Anti-imperialism or anti-semitism

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Thu Nov 21 14:39:57 MST 2002

Craig wrote:
> If poet Paulin really said,
> Brooklyn-born Jews who had settled in  the West Bank "should be shot dead,"
> then I devoutly hope there is an enormous crowd raising absolute hell outside
> the Harvard building where he speaks. For the record, I will stand with
> "Brooklyn-born Jews" any day of the week.  When I was in the YSA and the
> anti-Vietnam war movement, I was privileged  to be marching with "Brooklyn-born
> Jews." And I will be proud to be a part of the crowd that protests Paulin's
> utterly bigoted and reprehensible statement.
> - --Craig, aka Yosef Mikhah ben Avraham

So it is perfectly OK for Jews from the United States (or anywhere else)
not only to go and live in Israel in a show of support for the Israeli
state, whose existence is predicated on the dispossession of the
Palestinians, but it is also OK for them to go and live in the
right-wing Zionist settlements in the 'Occupied Territories' of the West
Bank, thereby depriving the Palestinians of even the leftover crumbs.

Even within the context of Israel, the settlements on the West Bank are
illegal.  So you are not only a Zionist but you are a supporter of the
most right-wing and most racist Zionists.

Frankly, any of the Jewish settlers on the West Bank, whether they come
from Brooklyn or Bethlehem or any point inbetween, deserve to be driven
out of the West Bank.  Those that get shot only have themselves to blame.

If you want to join a racist anti-Palestinian protest against Tom
Paulin, one wonders what on earth you are doing on this list and why you
would want to advertise your racism here.

Philip Ferguson

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