Re Fire Ants and other matters

Peter Boyle peterb at
Thu Nov 21 17:02:21 MST 2002

Dear Steve Painter & Bob Gould

You win.

I promise never to say the name Cannon again, except in
condemnation, and totally and completely repudiate all his
evil works and recant my misguided support for his ideas and
political practice.

I promise never to sit anywhere near the front of a hall
again (I'll do all the dirty deals in the back and corridors
as is the more honourable tradition).

I promise to advocate the total abolition of any internal
discussion in the DSP. The Marxism List is enough and
anything that doesn't get there should be sent straight to
the Ozleft site or dropped off in Bob's bookshop.

I promise to advocate the ceding of total editorial control
of Green Left Weekly to the now triumphant Gould-Painter
League for the Total Exposure of the DSP (GPLTED).

I promise never use any waspish language on anyone.

All my copies of John Percy-Doug Lorimer-Peter Boyle-(and
you forgot)-Sue Bolton-Pip Hinman-Trish Corcoran-Simon
Butler-Lisa Macdonald (if I missed someone perhaps they have
fallen from Grace?) Thought will promptly be burnt.

I promise to try and free the enslaved, brainwashed but
industrious worker ants of the DSP.

I promise to try and follow *all* the principles of
behaviour you two obviously Wise Ones have demonstrated in
your brilliant critiques of the DSP on this list, in
particular your demonstrated respect for the facts, your
respect and tolerance of the many comrades in the diverse
caucuses of the left, your total consistency and fairness,
your constructiveness, etc, etc. [I really should have
learnt much more from your excellent personal example,
Steve, when I was working under your editorship when you
were a Fire Ant. And Bob, the wonderful way YOU have of
sparking wide-ranging debate that impresses YOU... I can
only hope to learn a little from your Humility. Your
miraculous ability to detect what's going on behind Closed
Doors of Closed Caucuses, I have no hope of ever learning.]

Mea culpa, etc.

The Now Completely Humbled

P.S. I was going to raise a question about the elevated
placing of Bob Gould's seat-behind-the-counter in his
bookshop. Dumb, brainwashed, committee-person that I am/was?
I couldn't see (in my pre-enlightened state) it was nothing
to do with cultism but simply to spot any shoplifting.

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