Latest redbaiting paroxysm from the Nation Magazine

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Thu Nov 21 17:20:51 MST 2002

Under the pretext of writing about the role of trade unions in a new
antiwar movement, the toad Marc Cooper lets loose with this venom in the
latest Nation magazine:

"That's a reference to discomfort with those currently orchestrating some
of the highest-profile antiwar protests. While demonstrations in Washington
and San Francisco brought out scores of thousands with an eclectic range of
politics, the protests were organized and the podium dominated by a small,
sectarian Stalinist group, the Workers World Party. Consequently, while
much of the demonstration rhetoric was against the war, it was also tinged
with an anti-Americanism and loaded down with ancillary issues ranging from
support for convicted murderers Mumia Abu-Jamal and H. Rap Brown to
sometimes paranoid condemnations of Zionism that in no way resonate with
the bulk of organized labor. No doubt the rally crowds were peppered with
hundreds, if not thousands, of union members and activists, but there was
no institutional representation of Big Labor, as there has been at numerous
antiglobalization events of the past few years."


Meanwhile, in the same issue the sneering punk Eric Alterman warns his pals
Hitchens and other full-time redbaiters like the NY Observer's Ron
Rosenbaum not to overdo it or else they'll find themselves across an abyss
which "lies not George Orwell or Sidney Hook but David Horowitz and Roy
Cohn." Meanwhile, he has no compunction about labeling Chomsky, Cockburn
and Gore Vidal as "anti-Western". As the drumbeats of war grow louder,
watch these liberal careerists march ever more sharply to the right.

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