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Dear List Members:

The new issue of Cultural Logic: An Electronic Journal of Marxist Theory and
Practice is now on line at the following address:


Here's is the issue's index:


Matthew Sharpe

"The Sociopolitical Limits of Fantasy:
September 11 and Slavoj Zizek's Theory of Ideology"

Barbara Foley

"From Situational Dialectics to Pseudo-Dialectics:
Mao, Jiang, and Capitalist Transition"

Bruno Gulli

"Praxis and the Danger:
The Insurgent Ontology of Antonio Gramsci"

Larry Schwartz

"Toni Morrison and William Faulkner:
The Necessity of a Great American Novelist"

John Kirk

"Changing the Subject:
Cultural Studies and the Demise of Class"

Kanishka Chowdhury

"It's All Within Your Reach:
Globalization and the Ideologies of Postnationalism and Hybridity"

Christian Fuchs

"Software Engineering and the Production of Surplus Value"

Jennifer Fazio

"Heating up the Neoliberal Agenda:
The GOP on Economic Stimulous" <http://eserver.org/clogic/2002/fazio.html>

Robert Young

"Postpositivist Realism and the Return of the Same:
The Rational Subject and Post(post)modern Liberalism"

Charles Cunningham

"Rethinking the Politics of The Grapes of Wrath"

Book Excerpt

Michael Yates

(from) Working to Live, Living to Work


Robert Biel's The New Imperialism:
Crisis and Contradictions in North/South Relations

Louis Proyect

Frans de Waal's Good Natured:
The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals

Elena Madison

Robert Albritton's Dialectics and Deconstruction in Political Economy

Sean Saraka

Multi Medea

Matthew Herbert

"Oil" <http://eserver.org/clogic/2002/herbert.html>

(From the CD The Mechanics of Destruction)


Paul Murphy

"In the Luxembourg Gardens" and Other Poems

Andrew Smith

"Glasgow Necropolis" and Other Poems

James W. Stoner

"Post-Modern Syllogism" <http://eserver.org/clogic/2002/stoner.html>

Trevor Landers

"The Tragedy of Romanian Railway Stations II" and Other Poems

Best wishes,
David Siar, co-editor
Cultural Logic

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