Question about James Cannon

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Fri Nov 22 11:53:50 MST 2002


That doesn't really answer my question, except in an elliptical way. I am
not trying to cast aspersions on his character, I am merely querying what he
knew, what his experience really was. He really tried to model the bolshevik
spirit. But I found that many people who tried to model the bolshevik
spirit, tried to be something they were not, and tore out their lives.

"As a rule of thumb, I believe that all men over 40 should get a sensible
buzz-cut like my own. What they do in their youth is a different matter

You will be pleased to know my hair is cut reasonably short. In fact I had
it cut in Prague. As for myself, I think people should have the hairstyle
that fits with their current lifestyle and what they want. You might laugh
at some of these longhaired hippy types but some have an awful lot of

As regards insults, I prefer to minimise them and I think they should be
apposite/pertinent and informative. But as you know, I ain't perfect.


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