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Fri Nov 22 16:16:59 MST 2002

I think Louis could of done a better job on answering that question...don't

Cannon was raised in the little railroad town of Rosedale, Kansas, across
from Kansas City, MO, from the "heartland" so to speak. Cannon entered the
work force,  I think on the rail road, early, like at 14 or something, was a
Wobbly, a member of the Socialist  Party and founder of the CP. I think he
knew quite a lot about "American culture". In fact, on a certain level,
given his proletarian roots, I think he was quite the fish out of water in
NY, among the all the Jewish intellectuals of the NY Left Socialist and
Trotskyist movement.

Cannon was an alcoholic. During the 'dog days' of American Trotskyism,
before they broke into the mass movement in 1934, he'd often disappear for
weeks or months on drinking binges with Mauric Spector (Canadian Trot) or
others in the Communist League....and I think this was after he relocated to
NY, too.

David Walters

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