Question about Jim Cannon

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Nov 22 16:41:58 MST 2002

>Cannon was an alcoholic. During the 'dog days' of American Trotskyism,
>before they broke into the mass movement in 1934, he'd often disappear for
>weeks or months on drinking binges with Mauric Spector (Canadian Trot) or
>others in the Communist League....and I think this was after he relocated to
>NY, too.
>David Walters

I am not so sure about this. In the course of gathering material for his
bio of Cannon, Palmer set up an interview with Sol Dollinger who really
detested Cannon. Somewhere along the line, Palmer mentioned that he was
especially interested in Cannon's boozing. Dollinger told him that this was
a slander and that while Cannon enjoyed drinking, he was always in control
and by no means could be characterized as an alcoholic. Sol was so annoyed
over this in fact that he told Palmer he was not interested in giving him
any more information since he didn't think he could be trusted. For those
who remember the late Sol Dollinger from this mailing list, he never minced

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