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>>According to the latest reports, the contest has been moved to London.
The fact it hasn't been cancelled due to the furore caused and the
respect for the innocent killed brings even more shame on the event and
its organisers.<<

Why do you suppose the organizers should feel shame? Because a number of
people in Nigeria think that brutally killing other people in the name of
god and religious law is the way to send a message about women's proper
behavior? As far as I can tell from the reports, the Miss World contestants
and organizers didn't hack, stone, burn, or shoot anyone. They made the
mistake of acting as if they were living in the twenty-first century instead
of in medieval times. While I've got plenty of criticisms of beauty
pageants, and I agree wholeheartedly with the boycott of the event that was
prompted by the death sentences imposed on Nigerian women under Islamic law,
to say the violence "brings even more shame on the event" without mentioning
the shame these outrageous, gruesome acts bring on the perpetrators and
their religious leaders is totally unreasonable.

What have Marxists said to those who would prefer not to live under
theocracy? This is no theoretical problem, but a present or imminent reality
for a huge portion of the world's people. I'd like to hear what others here
have to say.


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