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Eugene M. emaas at
Fri Nov 22 22:33:39 MST 2002

> Is there anyone on this list who is not Jewish or has no Jewish ancestors
> (my paternal grandfather was a semi-Jewish factory owner) ????
> Regards
> Jurriaan

Er, so far as I know I'm not. My father's side is Anglo-Irish/Scottish (AKA
confused British Islander) although the family name has either French or
Dutch origin (the river Maas). My mother's side is Irish and some
Scottish/English (more mixed up islander).
So, I can say with confidence that I'm completely non-Jewish. And my father
was (and still retains the basic outlook of) a heavy Marxist.
Why the question on ethnicity anyways? Alright, talking about myself makes
me feel queasy and this is a list on Marxism, so let me change subjects.
Lots of libertarians on NGs like to say that (Lenin or Stalin) and Mao
disarmed the populace after the revolution. Is this accurate? I have a hard
time believing this (unless it reflects a Civil War-era action) considering
all the emphasis in State and Revolution on the armed masses (and also in
the Little Red Book). Can anyone give me any pointers on this subject?
- Gene M.

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