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Fri Nov 22 23:17:31 MST 2002

Steve Painter responds to Paul Glenning

Paul wrote:
>>I know the Greens aren't a Leninist party (I was a member long before
you), but I thought they had an internal discussion bulletin - they say so
on their home page.  Is the web based Greens discussion list all the
discussion taking place for Greens Australia wide (I hope you'll say no to
the last Q).>>

Congratulations on your long membership of the Greens, Paul (or was it a
short membership a long time ago?), and if you want to publish the internal
material (of which I'm not aware) go ahead, show some initiative if you
think that's important. I've got more than enough on my plate and am not
looking for reasons to spend more time at the keyboard, in fact, like Jeff
Sparrow I'm trying to spend less, before my back, arms and eyes go into
total revolt. I doubt that you'll come up with any great revelations about
policy, strategy or tactics, since that's all very public.

I did once glance at the members' list you mention, and I'd say its
weakness, which you allude to, is because discussion in and about the Greens
is not centralised and I don't think anyone could centralise it if they
wanted to. It's worldwide, in books and magazines, the mass media, and other
places, and includes Marxist and other leftist, anarchist and liberal
currents, and in NSW (each state is autonomous and I only have experience of
NSW) at a local level, it takes place in a very democratic, and in any case
uncontrollable, way in local branches, etc, in and out of formal meetings,
and in delegated bodies at state level and spreads to wherever people talk
about politics, including workplaces.

A friend told me an amusing story about this recently. Some people were
talking about politics at work and one, who lives in Newtown, mentioned the
strange "Greenies" who set up tables in the local shopping centre and sell
their newspaper, Green-something. Since the Greens don't sell newspapers, I
guess that the DSP comrades doing their bit for the cause.

I'm not planning to make a career of publishing internal bulletins, and I
can't imagine anything much more tedious. In fact I've only published one
item out of the many that I've seen recently from various tendencies. That
seemed particularly pertinent to a discussion on this list. So, no, comrade,
I'm not going to publish the Greens' internal bulletins (which would be
impossible in any case, since I've never seen one).

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