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Sat Nov 23 06:08:31 MST 2002

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>>Are there formations in Cuba that are equivalent to workers' councils?
Do they rule? (I suspect I know the answer to that one.)<<

Cuba's governmental structure, the People's Power, is based on the commune
rather than the workers council "model." (Was that the answer you had in
mind?) Now for extra credit, the remarkable resemblance between the
structures the Cubans set up and the lessons Marx drew from the Commune
were: a) casual coincidence or b) quite conscious.

However, instead of taking the approach of measuring Cuba against some
platonic ideal of what a workers state should be like, it may be more
productive to actually learn about Cuba to see what this workers state is

>>My fear is that "socialism" in this one country is actually equivalent to
rule of a single individual. But maybe I am mis- or uniformed.<<

Ah ... socialism in a single country. Why try to understand Cuba and its
revolutionary process in its own terms, when it is so much easier to pour
the island into the old Stalin/Trotsky mold. A wisely frugal procedure, too,
as all the old molds are lying idle now that the Soviets are gone.


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