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The following article appears in the Nov. 21, 2002, email edition of the
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The unanimous UN Security Council Resolution Nov. 8 reintroducing
weapons inspectors to Iraq may slightly delay the Bush administration's
timetable for an invasion to overthrow the Baghdad government, but a new
war appears virtually certain.  Just listen to Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld and his senior adviser Richard Perle.

Rumsfeld was asked during an interview Nov. 15, "What if no weapons of
mass destruction were found by UN weapons inspectors inside Iraq?" He
replied that all "it would prove would be that the inspections process
had been successfully defeated by the Iraqis."  Thus, if the government
of President Saddam Hussein refused to permit the weapons inspectors
into the country, it would be proof Iraq is hiding weapons of mass
destruction.  If the inspectors have unlimited access to all of Iraq but
find nothing, it's proof that Iraq has successfully duped the

Perle, who directs the Defense Department's Policy Board, told an
audience of Labor Party parliamentarians in London Nov. 20 that just
because the weapons inspectors might be unable to find the alleged
weapons "does not prove Saddam does not have weapons of mass
destruction."  He argued that even if the UN gave Iraq "a clean bill of
health," the existence of just one Iraqi witness testifying that the
weapons did indeed exist was a sufficient justification for the U.S. to
take military action without further proof.

These statements indicate that both U.S. officials,  who are privy to
the world's most sophisticated surveillance and investigative services,
are well aware that the Bush administration's charges against Iraq are
false.  Now they are creating the justification for attacking Iraq if
the weapons inspectors find nothing.  In all probability, Washington
will discover a pretext for launching the new war well before the
inspectors have finished their explorations.

Taking a realistic view of the information made available to him so far,
Republican insider and former Reagan administration Secretary of State
George Shultz said Nov. 20 that "There will be military action. I would
be surprised if we have not acted by the end of January."
Anticipating the possibility that the Bush administration will find a
pretext to attack Iraq in January or February, the ANSWER Coalition has
scheduled a major antiwar rally, march and peace conference in
Washington during the weekend of Jan. 18-19. We're told, "Over 1,500
organizations and individual peace movement leaders and activists have
endorsed these events." Buses are being organized from a hundred cities.
For buses from the Mid-Hudson, N.Y., region, Email jacdon at
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