A real horror

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Nov 23 07:56:19 MST 2002

Last night after returning from the tasty horror film "The Ring", I turned
on Charlie Rose and witnessed a real horror. Nancy Pelosi, who I've never
seen before, was holding forth on the Democratic Party's prospects. On her
lapel was the largest and most garish American flag pin I've ever seen on a
politician. It was more like a piece of costume jewelry really that
appeared composed of rhinestones. The thing was so disgusting that it made
it nearly impossible to hear what she was saying, as if she had a piece of
spinach on her teeth or a booger hanging from her nose.

Her energy seemed directed mostly to attacking the tax cuts. Now if I was
interested in bourgeois politics, my tendency would be to question this
sort of narrow focus. I'd put the emphasis on corporate criminality and the
need to *readjust* the income tax rates so that they were more equitable,
etc., but--hey--what do I know. I just want to behead the whole fucking lot
of them.

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