Non-political film recommendation

LouPaulsen LouPaulsen at
Sat Nov 23 07:59:27 MST 2002

The critics have been sharply split over "The Ring" but the ordinary people
who have seen it seem to really really be impressed for the most part.  I
heard some guy telling his friend about it on the Belmont el platform: "It's
the scariest thing I've ever seen.  I was scared for days.  When I went home
and was alone I was scared to be in the house alone.  And it's about
watching a video, on TV, you know?  I was scared of my TV.  I didn't want it
in the house.  I wanted to throw it out."  Talk about good "word of mouth"!

There are a few English-subtitled copies of the original Japanese version
("Ringu") being sold on eBay.  I don't expect they were made legally. This
is apparently a huge popular-culture thing in Japan.  Here is a website
about it all:

Haven't seen it yet myself.

Lou Paulsen

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