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Registration is currently taking place for Mural Painting (Art 270) at Central Connecticut State University.

Mural Painting is an introductory studio course of mural, scenic and sign painting techniques.  Advanced students are also accepted and trained.

Each semester, students organize and execute public mural projects at CCSU and in the working-class communities of New Britain, CT.

In the past, students have created murals with themes including the NATO bombing of Kosovo, images of women in the media, urban culture, child labor, the environment, AIDS and more.  Last year, students created a series of murals about September 11 and related issues.

Classes include discussions of important murals and issues in public art.   There will be demonstrations of the techniques used by scenic painters, airbrush artists, billboard painters and muralists.

No previous mural experience in necessary.  Interested individuals may enroll through the CCSU Continuing Education Program - you do not need to be a CCSU student.

The program is coordinated by Mike Alewitz, a leading U.S. labor muralist, who has painted murals throughout the world on themes of social justice.

For more info: (860) 826-5958

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