Non-political film recommendation

Kelly B. Delaney kdiddy at
Sat Nov 23 14:01:16 MST 2002

I actually watched the Japanese version last night.  There's a video store
here in Pittsburgh that specializes in foreign and domestic "B" movies.
This version is excellent although obviously didn't have the budget that the
American version had.  The story is slightly different although it has the
same elements of family failure and secrets and some kind of commentary on
single motherhood, although I'm not sure what.  It did still have a couple
of the same plot holes which was a little frustrating, although the American
version's story is just alot more detailed.  Unfortunatley this also meant
that it had more plot holes. However, I just honestly really enjoyed both
versions.  They creeped me out and made me think...always good.

> There are a few English-subtitled copies of the original Japanese version
> ("Ringu") being sold on eBay.  I don't expect they were made legally. This
> is apparently a huge popular-culture thing in Japan.  Here is a website
> about it all:

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