Coincidence but convenience for Zionism?

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Sun Nov 24 00:35:30 MST 2002

"Hook was involved in a project to rebuild homes which were destroyed
during previous Israeli operations."

Israeli army admits its troops killed British UN worker.
AFP (with additional material by Jerusalem Post, Reuters, BBC and AP).
23 November 2002.

JERUSALEM -- The Israeli army acknowledged that its troops killed a
British UN worker in Jenin
refugee camp, saying two soldiers thought he was a Palestinian gunman
holding a grenade [pistol in
later reports].

"In the UNRWA (UN Relief and Works Agency) compound, from which shooting
was coming, two
IDF (Israel Defence Force) soldiers identified a man holding an object
that looked like a grenade.
As a result, they fired towards the man, injuring him," the army said.

Initial army investigations showed that Iain Hook, carrying the phone,
came out of an alley from
which Palestinian gunmen had been firing earlier, when the soldier shot
him, Army Radio reported

Sami Mshasha, a U.N. spokesman, said the United Nations disputed
elements of the army radio

He said Hook wasn't shot in an alley but while in the U.N. compound,
made up of mobile trailers
and vehicles clearly marked with U.N. flags and signs.

He expressed disbelief at how a cellphone could be mistaken for a

The UN denied that Palestinian gunmen had been shooting at Israeli
troops from inside its premises.

"Our preliminary inquiry does not agree with the [Israeli] statement
that firing could have come
from the UNRWA compound," UNWRA spokesman, Paul McCann said.

Hook, he added, had been on his cell phone in the moments before he was
shot, trying to arrange for
the evacuation of UN personnel.

Hook "had been making requests with the Israelis to call a ceasefire to
allow our staff and some
vulnerable civilians living nearby to be evacuated from the area,"
McCann said.

Hook was involved in a project to rebuild homes which were destroyed
during previous Israeli operations.

The United Nations also said that Israeli soldiers had blocked an
ambulance from immediately
getting to Hook and that he died before reaching the hospital.

The head of Jenin hospital said Hook was "hit by two Israeli M-16
bullets in the abdomen" and
accused Israel of stopping ambulances reaching him.

"They could not reach him on time, and he arrived dead at the hospital,"
Dr Mohammad Abu Ghali

During the funeral of an 11-year-old Palestinian boy also killed in the
clashes, some 2,000
mourners marched through the Jenin camp Saturday, carrying an empty
coffin draped with a UN flag
in memorial to Hook.

They unfurled banners reading, "Israel killed Hook."

The boy, Mohammed Bilalu, was shot while throwing stones at Israeli
soldiers, according to

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