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Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Nov 24 07:24:21 MST 2002

>>Since I also believe Jose that he often walked home to save bus fare,
because full-timers were very poorly-paid, I can't help wondering who
footed the bill for the martini.<<

Philip and I have been over this ground before, but for the benefit of more
recent subscribers to the list, I do not know of any evidence of financial
corruption or abuse in the SWP at least as of the mid-80's.

Jack did have a very beneficial circumstance in that he got into a
rent-controlled apartment by the mid 60's, and I'm sure this, by a decade
later or so, when inflation skyrocketed, would have meant a significant
difference to his personal finances. But apart from those sorts of "lucky
breaks," I never saw any evidence that Jack or other central party leaders
had a significantly higher standard of living than the rest of us. Over the
years for one reason or another I visited not only Jack's place, but also
those of other leaders who played a much more central role over a longer
period that I did, including, that I can remember right now, Doug Jenness,
Cindy Jaquith, Larry Seigle, Steve Clark as well as countless other
"leading" and rank-and-file comrades and never saw anything to suggest that
anyone was getting paid significantly more than the official "subsistence"
the rest of us got.

In addition, during the "Watergate" suit by the SWP against the government
of the mid and late 70's, the feds tried mightily to show that there had
been some hanky-panky going on with party credit cards and so on. The most
they could come up with was a Teedy Bear and a couple of similar items
charged by Jack, which he said were gifts for nephews or nieces, and sure
looked like it. At any rate the party financial director, I think it was
Norton Sandler, pretty much destroyed this smear with records showing that
Jack had reported those items as personal expenses at the time and
reimbursed the party for them. If there had been something like a party tab
at Jack's local liquor store, I think it would have come out.


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