Jeff avoids the issue

Ray Fulcher rayfulcher2002 at
Sun Nov 24 07:41:10 MST 2002

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Of course Jeff doesn't want to to talk about the actual "containment &
rollback" exercised by many of his comrades because this will detract from him
asserting that the position put by one member of the DSP in an internal
pre-congress discussion bulletin (pre-congress discussion is when everything
is up for grabs) represents the position of the DSP. Whereas the actual
position of the DSP, put in a number of internal as well as public documents
has been to try to involve Socialist Alternative in the Socialist Alliance
project. This position of collaboration can be seen on the ground as well with
the founding conference of SA deciding to leave a seat open on the leadership
body of the SA for Socialist Alternative. They decided to continue on their
old sectarian trajectory instead. So come now Jeff which is worse - one person
talking about "containment & rollback" or one organisation practicing it?

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