The fascination of Ray's Australian sectariana

T.Hartin t.hartin at
Sun Nov 24 12:14:44 MST 2002


As much I'm sure this (international) list is fascinated by your failed
attempts at poaching at Melbourne Uni - and thats exactly what your
sorry tale sounded like - do you know how this all looks from the
outside?  Pathetic. After coming back from the million strong march in
Florence and hearing this shit, I kinda feel a bit like Gary M, and
shaking my head at the state of things in Australia.

But to be realistic the Australian situation is nothing like that in
europe which is why I think that the idea of left regroupment is
premature in Aus - for the reasons that Jeff expressed - it is still
more on the basis of defeat than on a strong ongoing movement to sustain it.

Nevertheless, as always, there are enough left-wing moving people in
Aus. for all of us to relate to. Frankly if SAlt is the most successful
at recruiting young people to socialist politics then let us get on with
it. If you think the way forward is through a left-wing electoral bloc
(or whatever you want to call it), then good luck - and I seriously hope
you have success. Because though all of us have opinions on what is
right or wrong, it is only in practice that these things are proved. We
all want to find a way forward. We don't want to wreck your Socialist
Alliance project, we just don't think the time is right for it.


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