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>>The problem is, that while the Cuban CP undoubtedly had a far more radical
agenda than the Kremlin leadership, their boundaries for political action
were materially conditioned by the support they got from it.  Both the
Cubans and the Barnesites failed to understand the long-term implications of
this, and projected a contradiction less development of the revolutions in
Central  America, without considering the processes at work in the Soviet
Bureaucracy.  In the case of the Cuban CP, this is something, which they
had never considered, while in the case of the Barnesites, it was
politically convenient amnesia.<<

The idea that the Cuban leadership projected a "contradiction-less
development of the Revolutions in Central America, without considering the
processes at work in the Soviet Bureaucracy" is too bizarre for words. Just
where did you get this idea, what evidence do you have for what the CCP

As for considering the processes at work in the Soviet Bureaucracy, I
suggest you go back and read Fidel's speech on the invasion of
Czechoslovakia in 1968, his speech on July 26, 1989, and his statements in
the CNN documentary series Cold War, especially in relation to U.S. charges
that there was a Soviet Cuban "master plan" to take over Central America.

*  *  *

Gen. Alexander Haig: "What we're watching is a four-phased operation. Phase
one has been completed -- the seizure of Nicaragua. Next is El Salvador, to
be followed by Honduras and Guatemala -- it's clear and explicit."

Other: "There is a Caribbean domino theory that's unfolding?"

Gen. Haig: "Of course. I wouldn't call it necessarily a domino theory. I
would call it a priority target list -- a hit list if you will -- for the
ultimate takeover of Central America."

Interview: President Fidel Castro, Cuba

"Look, if a Soviet-Cuban master plan actually existed we would have won the
Cold War. (Laughs) If there had been a master plan. But unfortunately there
was no such plan, quite the opposite. Cuba's actions conflicted with Soviet
interests at that time."

*  *  *


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