NC elections and SWP degeneration

Jose G. Perez jgperez at
Sun Nov 24 14:28:42 MST 2002

Philip writes:

>>There was no convention in 1983 despite the constitutional requirement -
as you note - because Barnes had the little business of a purge to take
care of.  Rather than face the Kerrys, Breitmans, Lovells, Weinsteins,
Milt Alvin, Asher Harer, Evelyn Sell, Jean Tussey, Dianne Feeley, James
Kutcher, David Walters and all the rest in an open pre-convention
discussion and then a convention, as was due in 1983, he had it
postponed, and slung them all out of the organisation.  Then had the
convention in 1984 to register the victory.<<

Yes, and this marks another significant departure from Cannon's stated
policy, which insisted that organizational issues be *subordinated* to
political discussion, that disciplinary questions not even be raised until
the issues in dispute had been clarified in the party and settled by a vote.

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