Barnes' martini set

Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sun Nov 24 14:53:39 MST 2002

Jose, I'm perfectly happy to take your word that you observed no
financial corruption in/around Barnes.  The main period that I'm dubious
about is rather more recent - the 1990s, as opposed to the 1970s.  I
just can't see where all the money goes these days.  I'm also friends
with someone who was on the PC in the mid-1990s and he can't work it out
either and tells me that the books were a very closely guarded secret by
the mid-90s.

It's about time some union organised that Pathfinder sweatshop and
raised the demand 'Open the Books!'

However, I'm still interested - just as a matter of personal curiosity -
how Barnes and co. could afford these regular martini sessions.

This was the first I'd heard of them and I am more amused by them than
anything.  It was especially amusing because having read about them on
the list yesterday, I went home and last night I was watching the
Canadian drama 'Traders'.  One of the yuppies in the stock broker
company, fresh from a big deal in fictitious capital, got out of the
stretch limo at an ordinaryish bar where he was meeting a factory
worker/union guy and his wife (about a deal where the workers were
buying out the company).  When the stock broker yuppie came up to them,
the woman said, 'Oh, here's martini boy'.  I burst out laughing,
thinking of Barnes and his martini set.


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