Proletarian booze

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Sun Nov 24 16:27:43 MST 2002

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> Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 16:10:03 +1300
> From: Philip Ferguson <plf13 at>
> Subject: Barnes clique

> I can't help wondering who
> footed the bill for the martini.

Well, considering the price of drinks out, boozing it up at home would,
in effect, be a cost-saving measure.

> I'm also bemused that these people, with their 'more proletarian than
> thou' rhetoric and dismissive comments about the 'petty bourgeois'
> nature of everyone who ever disagreed with them, were martini drinkers
> and that (according to Richard Fidler) Barnes mixed a great martini.
> Ah, the lifestyles of the leaders of the proletariat!

WTF?  Are workers supposed to stick to Budweiser and Lucky Lager?

  "Red Emma" may have wanted dancing with her revolution, but as much as
I like dancing, I also like a good margarita, thank you very much!

- Juan

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