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Sun Nov 24 17:08:14 MST 2002

Gary MacLennan wrote:
> Jose wrote:
>> In February of 1978, the SWP made the monomaniacal "turn to
>> industry," which, I stress, was not merely a question of colonizing plants
>> or something like that, but of making the turn the "framework" of all the
>> party's work going forward because, or so we thought, the center of
>> American
>> politics was shifting to the industrial proletariat.

and amazingly this misjudgement wasn't reassessed.

> Yes I recall that in 1978 a friend in the SWP (DSP) here in Australia
> who worked as a university librarian told me she had been instructed to
> get a job in industry. The Australian party copied the turn in the USA.
> The "leaders" in Oz neglected of course to inform the membership that
> they were copying the US turn.

I can't be sure, but I don't think this last point is too plausible.
The Turn was pushed by the SWP and its faction in the FI.
It was reported on and discussed as such. I don't imagine this would
have been concealed as at the time The International was a big part of
the party's identity.  Certainly no secret in the written record.

> Gramsci points out the Church hierarchy used the peasantry as a lever
> against the church intellectuals. Similarly under Zinovievism, the party
> leaders use workerism to discipline party intellectuals.

I'm getting a little wary of this catch-all term Zinovievism.
I think it's imprecisely defined and is in danger of being lazily
identified as the root of all degeneration. At worst just an all-purpose
  shorthand descriptor of a big part of the spectrum of uncomfortable
organisational regimes.


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