Proletarian booze

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun Nov 24 17:14:12 MST 2002

Bogdan Denitch told me once at a Socialist Scholars Conference some
years ago that RED was the wine of the working class.
Well, there's plonk, and there's red wine.

The young working class in CHile likes pisco,
often with Coca-Cola (called piscola),
as well as cheap red wine in a box.
But beer is making inroads.

Now, as to the martini, let us ask ourselves what goes into a martini
--and then what makes one martini better than another?

Apparently, Winston Churchill used to drink a whole lot of martinis
everyday.  They were more like straight shots, though.  He liked his
very, very, VERY dry: "Just glance at the vermouth across the room."

The drink of the Russian vorking class is wodka.
--or an very-extra-ultra dry martini in a bottle in a bag,
shaken, stirred, whatever.

Osama bin-Laden does not drink martinis, apparently.
In his case, I think it is more than a matter of taste.

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