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John Paramo albatrosrojo2000 at
Sun Nov 24 19:23:14 MST 2002

Lou wrote:

"Anti-organizational diatribe? I have stated
repeatedly that if people want to start small,
ineffectual sects that are mechanical wind-up toy
versions of the Bolshevik party, they should feel free
to do so."

I would readily accept this position as a legitimate
comment if it wasn't by the fact that it is a leiv
motif of yours, a kind of programatic plank at the top
of your platform, following inevitably with the
Marxist axiom that "I wouldn't join an organization
that would have me as a member."

If people - and not necessarily you - continue
complaining after a decade or so since they were
pushed out, purged, etc  about the terrible things
they suffered in an organization and can't get over it
(and recycle that complaint every time the question of
organization is raised)and, worse yet, try to
generalize their own experience and extend it to every
other organization in existence, I would call that
"anti-organizational diatribe."

It serves no purpose, whether that purpose is
allegedly Marxist or academic. I salute those who keep
trying and are able to try another dissappoitment, for
that is part of the learning curbe to be able to build
a revolutionary organization worth calling itself

The fact that the US cannot yet count on the existence
of a viable revolutionary organization able to develop
Marxism theoretically AND in the class struggle should
be sufficient encouragement for any serious Marxist to
try again, even if the odds at failing are against

The method of trial and error, while pure empiricism,
is better than inmobility when it comes to
revolutionary organization.  For the tasks of
Marxists, to paraphrase the man, is not to "observe
the organization, but to change it ... or rebuild it."

Sincerely as always,


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