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--- John Paramo <albatrosrojo2000 at> wrote:

> If people - and not necessarily you - continue
> complaining after a decade or so since they were
> pushed out, purged, etc  about the terrible things
> they suffered in an organization and can't get over it
> (and recycle that complaint every time the question of
> organization is raised)and, worse yet, try to
> generalize their own experience and extend it to every
> other organization in existence, I would call that
> "anti-organizational diatribe."

I'm sorry, this just doesn't ring true.

Who has tried to "generalize this to every other organization in
existence?" I have heard no such criticism for, say, Solidarity (of
which Jose and I are members). Far from being an "anti-organizational
diatribe," I think it's just a criticism of the SWP "model" (whether
you call it "Zinovievist" or whatever) that many ostensibly Trotskyist
groupings try to follow. Solidarity doesn't follow this model, so it
doesn't get this criticism. But it is an organization.

I myself was never purged from the SWP/YS, I rather left on my own
accord. Philip left the SAL in a similar fashion. Jose also resigned,
rather than was purged. I think you'll find that a minority of
ex-SWPers on this list left on their own, rather than were expelled or
pushed out.


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