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Sun Nov 24 20:22:21 MST 2002

The SWP could have said all sorts of different could those of us who
took a more independent course.  The bottom line is that there are no magic
incantations that can levitate the political levels on which the masses operate.

Historically, a mass radical movement develops within a broader, more
ideologically muddled mass movement for change.  The interal ecology of such a
movement creates a radical wing. Within this process, veterans of earlier
radical movements contribute, often in a positive way.

However, there's no basis for assuming that miniscule, self-isolating,
self-defined "revolutionary" clusterbunchs do anything other than confuse
matters.  One possible positive role of these groups might be that they tend to
preoccupy those predisposed to cult behavior, and distract them from causing an
even greater muddle.

Personally, I used to spend a lot of time convincing demoralized SWP/YSA members
to stick with it longer than they would have otherwise done. In the hindsight of
more mature reflection, I think that was a disservice to all involved.

In solidarity!
Mark L.

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