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Sun Nov 24 20:53:30 MST 2002

--- LouPaulsen  wrote: >

> > WTF?  Are workers supposed to stick to Budweiser
> and Lucky Lager?
> >
> >   "Red Emma" may have wanted dancing with her
> revolution, but as much as
> > I like dancing, I also like a good margarita,
> thank you very much!
> >
> > - Juan
> Years ago, during the boycott of Coors beer, a labor
> publication wrote that
> "beer is the official beverage of the U.S. working
> class."  This was a
> devastating revelation to me, since I have never
> liked beer at all :-(  I'm
> a wine drinker myself.

 What an amazing bunch of guys.  Men who like dancing
and drinking wine. Wouldn't do in Australia.  Although
things are on the improve.

I have recently taken the odd sup of beer given all
the varieties available.  My beer of choice at the
moment is a Tasmanian brew - Boags.  Interestingly the
company recently won work safety awards in that state.
 But Guinness is my favourite ale.  Love those
pressurised cans.

Back on health and safety issues, I hope all bourbon
drinkers are boycotting Jim Beam who are degrading
their workers by restricting bathroom breaks.

Dick is right about price.

In the Antipodes spirits are expensive.  I couldn't
believe the low prices in supermarkets in Italy when I
was there a few years ago.


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