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>From "Workers Online Magazine, November 2002"
published by the Labor Council of NSW

Still Crazy After All These Years

With new research suggests CEO carry similar
personality traits to psycho-paths, the AGM season is
proving that there’s little room for logic in our
nation’s board rooms.

When Psychos Go To Work

Psychologists probing the wave of corporate crime in
America have noticed a trend that may not surprise
many workers: the boss could well be a psychopath.

Researchers say psychopaths and chief executives tend
to share many personality traits - in particular an
ability to appear plausible and attract followers
while at the same time hiding low self-esteem. Robert
Hare, of the University of British Columbia, one of
the leading experts on psychopathic behaviour, thinks
boardrooms are full of people who have what he calls
"charisma without conscience". "If I couldn't study
psychopaths in prison, I would go down to the stock
exchange," he says. Along with Paul Babiak, he is
working on a book with the tentative title, Snakes in
suits: When psychos go to work. Dr Babiak and Dr Hare
say some of the traits most admired by corporations
suit the profile of the average psychopath. "They tend
to have a facade of charm that is very effective in
ingratiating themselves with people in power and which
hides their anti-social tendencies," says Dr Babiak.
Psychopaths tend to be arrogant, short-tempered,
manipulative, deceitful, lacking in empathy and
remorse, and with a need for self-aggrandisement while
apparently being "rational"(Source: London Telegraph) - Yahoo! Hint Dropper
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