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Mon Nov 25 08:17:21 MST 2002

On 27 October the Greek state arrested the fighter for social justice,
Yannis Serifis, and sent him to the new "white-cells" of Korydallos prison.
Serifis is 63 years old and is known in Greece as an anti-authoritarian
trade union militant who, during the past 35 years, has taken part in many
struggles, mainly in the name of the autonomous working-class movement.
The magistrates ordered his detention, on the basis of the false claim that
he had confessed to the offences of "participation in a terrorist group"
and "secret possession of weaponry". Following the announcement of the
decision, demonstrators in solidarity with Serifis - members of leftist
groups, members of the "Coalition Against State Terrorism" and anarchists -
came into conflict with the police and one demonstrator was arrested.
In a written declaration distributed before entering the court Yannis
Serifis says:-
Throughout my case, the authorities have tried to cast aspersions against
all those who took part in the resistance against the military junta
(1967-74), and who - instead of selling out - have chosen to continue to
resist. Their real target is the growing autonomous class movement. They
want to hinder and attack the revolutionary left and the anti-authoritarian
and anarchist movements.
Yannis Serifis must not stand alone against state repression!
This is not the first time Serifis has suffered from state repression. This
time the authorities want him to confess to their false allegations that he
has participated in the organisation known as "Revolutionary Organisation
17th November" ("17N"). The only evidence against him is that he was
mentioned in testimonies of arrested suspects of the "17N".
Years ago, Serifis was accused of attempted sabotage against the AEG
factory, and of killing Christos Kasimis. He was found innocent of these
charges; and at that time there was a strong movement of solidarity with
him. Serifis is, above all, a social fighter. He resists, and speaks out
against, the abuse of authority, and publicly declares his belief in freedom.
Only those who hide their true intentions behind authority and violence can
be afraid of the truth. Such people are behind the well-organised state
attempts to frame social fighters such as Yannis Serifis. They are also
behind the growing suppression recently of social movements in Greece,
which, in turn, relates to US President Bush's so-called 'war against
If you want to stand by the side of the social fighter Yannis Serifis, and
to act against his unfair imprisonment, please sign our petition. The
signatures will be used in the campaign for Serifis's release and for the
abolition of the "anti-terrorist" law, which gives the power to the
authorities to carry out such inhuman actions.

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