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Roger Baker rabaker at
Mon Nov 25 08:52:14 MST 2002

On Berube and the WWP:

     Berube and the other notorious sleazy red-baiters are so haughty in
informing us about the history of the WWP and its support of the supression
of the Hungarian revoution.  Yet these selazy bastards still support a
capitalist-imperialist regime thath slaughtered 3 million in SE ASia;
hundreds of thousands in C. America; destroying the Irqui people through
chronic war, starvation and disease;  dropped 2 nukes on the Japanese;
destroyed N. Korea; and then there are the Kurds, and the E. Timorese and
the list goes on and on, and for the complete story of  US crimes, one can
read "Killing Hope," by William Blum.
     So a rational person would conclude that the crime of supporting the
suppression of the Hungarian revolutions by the WWP is insignificant
compared to the US crimes against humanity since the unleashing of nukes on
a helpless Japanese population.


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