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Mon Nov 25 17:44:14 MST 2002

Michael Berube:
>This is a little weird, Louis.  I criticized Chomsky pretty harshly in the
>BGlobe, but I didn't say anything about any Communists under the bed.  And
>what's more, I've never repeated your remarks or Chuck Grimes' to any
>media outlet anywhere, and I never will.  As for my Chronicle piece, you
>can't be serious about "red-baiting" the WWP.

I am absolutely serious about the question of red-baiting. The lines are
being drawn right now, with people like yourself, Marc Cooper, Ron
Rosenbaum, Christopher Hitchens and David Corn on one side and the antiwar
coalitions, Counterpunch, and student and labor radicals on the other. It
would not be useful to deny that red-baiting is the issue, although I
understand your unwillingness to see yourself in those terms. My suggestion
to you is not to write any such columns in the future, but simply *work* to
create the movement that you believe in.

>Actually, Louis, as you well know, the CPUSA in the 1930s was a rather
>different beast than than the CP now, and its defense of the Scottsboro
>Boys (when no one else would undertake it) a shining moment in its
>history.  However, after the show trials and the nonaggression pact, the
>purging of the officer corps and the establishment of the KGB and the
>gulags, let alone the invasion of Hungary, fewer and fewer members of the
>US left found themselves taking yearly trips to Moscow.  Point being, it's
>one thing to have been an ILD attorney in 1932, quite another to be a WWP
>member in 2002.  I know you know this.

I am not in the business of awarding passing or failing grades to socialist
activists. It is hard work to organize mass demonstrations. Anybody who can
turn out 150,000 people for peace is okay in my book.

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