Orwell, Cockburn, Spain

John M Cox coxj at email.unc.edu
Tue Nov 26 05:40:56 MST 2002

Check out chapter 11 of "Homage to Catalonia" in order to get a better
understanding of Alexander Cockburn's animosity to Orwell. Orwell exposes
the outrageous lies of the CP press, singling out a Mr. Frank Pitcairn
(aka Claud Cockburn) for his sorry role. Of course the entire book is a
refutation of Stalinist mythology and a merciless expose of the
counter-revolutionary role of Stalinism in the Spanish revolution and
civil war. As much as I like most of A. Cockburn's writings, he definitely
has a few Stalinist skeletons in his closet; I recall about 10 years ago,
in an article lamenting the demise of the Soviet Union, Cockburn made a
point that the USSR, for whatever its problems, had provided certain great
services to the working class, and his first example was... Spain! That's
always been my first example of the rotten, counter-revolutionary essence
of Stalinism and of Stalin's foreign policy.

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