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Jørn Andersen jorn.andersen at
Tue Nov 26 07:27:13 MST 2002

On 14:33 26-11-2002 +1300, Philip Ferguson wrote:

>However image searches on September 28 and London, and on September 28
>and antiwar, don't seem to turn up anything from that march.
>If anyone has any pix, including from newspapers, or could scan and send
>us, or just knows where we could download a good pic, can they please reply.

I got a few from Socialist Worker for our "No to War in Iraq" coalition
which has published a tabloid to distribute the next few weeks in Denmark.
Contact numbers etc. are at:

You'll also find some at:
which is the website of "Stop the War Coalition"

Good luck,
Jørn Andersen

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