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New Lodge Six Inquiry

Almost 30 years after the killing of six men by the British Army and the UDA
in the New Lodge area of Belfast, a community inquiry has been established
in an attempt to properly investigate the shootings. The inquiry was set up
by the New Lodge 6 Massacre - Time for Truth Committee with support of dead
men's families and will be headed by a three distinguished human rights
barristers; Gareth Peirce, Professor Colin Harvey, head of the Human Rights
Centre at Leeds University and Ed Lynch of the American Lawyers Alliance.
The author Don Mullan, who was instrumental in establishing the Saville
inquiry into Bloody Sunday, is to chair the inquiry.

On the night of 3-4 February 1973, during one of the most bloody periods of
the conflict, the six men were killed in a series of drive-by shootings and
by snipers positioned on two blocks of flats in the New Lodge area.

IRA statement

The IRA issued a statement following the shootings saying:

"At 11.15pm on 3 February, a car came down the Antrim Road and directed fire
from a sub-machinegun at a group standing at the New Lodge Road, killing two
people and wounding several.

"People who congregated in the New Lodge Road upon hearing the shooting came
under concentrated fire from British Army snipers on the roof of the flats
and also from loyalist gunmen. In the second shooting four men were shot
dead and others were wounded.

"The IRA at no time were involved in offensive action and it was only after
the deaths that they fired at the two groups (British Army and loyalists) to
give cover to enable the dead and wounded to be attended to.

"The British Army have speedily issued their usual claim to have shot
gunmen. We are adamant that none of those killed or wounded were in
possession of firearms at any stage. The people of the New Lodge Road can
bear witness to the veracity of our claims."

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