SWP leadership squalor

Jose G. Perez jgperez at netzero.net
Tue Nov 26 13:11:14 MST 2002

Thanks, John for the comments.

The "Hideaway," if it is the same one, is an old borscht belt resort from
the 30's, with about 20 or so guest rooms, set on a farm., near Roscoe.
Lovely place, but insane to keep up without the school there.

Up until I left the party, there was no need to know what everyone made
because everyone made the same. There were two rates, one for people in
couples on for people who were single. I believe also there was some
allowance for someone with kids, but that was extremely unusual, and only
affected one person. Changes in the subsistence level were voted on by the
PC, which I believe also saw some sort of budget or financial statements,
but, unlike all other pc documents, I seem to remember that all copies were
numbered, and collected after the meeting. That would have been during the
FBI suit, though, and there may have been legal reasons for that.

Fund drives, party building funds, expansion funds and so on have been a
fixture of party life forever. I seem to remember even seeing them in back
issues of the Militant in the 30's.


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