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Aims and Objectives of the Stop the War Coalition in Great Britain:

The resolution below, setting out the Stop the War Coalition's
platform, was ratified at public meetings held in October 2001 in

1. The aim of the Coalition should be very simple: to stop the war
currently declared by the United States and its allies against
‘terrorism'. We condemn the attacks on New York and we feel the
greatest compassion for those who lost their life on 11th September.
But any war will simply add to the numbers of innocent dead, cause
untold suffering, political and economic instability on a global
scale, increase racism and result in attacks on civil liberties. The
aims of the campaign would be best expressed in the name Stop the War

2. Supporters of the Coalition, whether organisations or individuals,
will of course be free to develop their own analyses and organise
their own actions. But there will be many important occasions when
united initiatives around broad stop the war slogans can mobilise the
greatest numbers.

3. The Coalition shall elect a steering committee which reflects the
breadth of those involved to carry forward the aims and objectives.
Local groups should have regular, open and inclusive meetings.

4. We call on all peace activists and organisations, trade unionists,
campaigners and labour movement organisations to join with us in
building a mass movement that can stop the drive to war.

5. We are committed to opposing any racist backlash generated by this
war. We will fight to stop the erosion of civil rights.

Supporting Organisations include:
GLATUC (Greater London Association of Trades Councils), Torfaen Trades
Council, ACTS 1/372 Branch, Islington UNISON, London Fire Authority
UNISON, Liverpool Dockers Shop Stewards Committee, Dundee Local
Authority Shop Stewards Liaison Committee, Keele University AUT,
Al-Furook, Al-Khoei Foundation, Arab Organisation of Human Rights,
Artists Against the War, Bangla 2000, Bertrand Russell Peace
Foundation, Black Racial Attack Independent Network (BRAIN), British
Humanist Association, Campaign Against Criminalising Communities,
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Campaign for Palestinian
Rights, CARF (Campaign Against Racism and Fascism), Colombia
Solidarity Campaign, Communist Party of Britain, Daymer, Eve's Back
(Manchester's women's magazine), Federation of Kurdish Community
Organisations, Federation of Student Islamic Societies in UK and EIRE
(FOSIS), Fire Brigades Union, Globalise Resistance, Green Party,
Housman's Peace Bookshop, Iraqi Network for Human Rights, Islamic
Centre England, Islamic Human Rights Commission, Morning Star, Labour
Against the War, Labour Left Briefing, Lawyers Against the War,
Liberation, London Council of Mosques, London Labour Left, Mayfair
Islamic Centre, Media Workers Against the War, Muslim Association of
Britain, Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), Muslim Cultural Heritage
Centre, Muslim Parliament, Muslims for JustPeace, Muslims for Justice,
Muslim Student Society, National Civil Rights Movement, Network of
Socialist Campaign Groups, New York City Labour Against the War,
Newham Monitoring Project, North England Medical Arab Society, Red
Pepper, Palestinian Community, Palestinian Return Centre, Palestinian
Forum, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Partizans (People against Rio
Tinto), Peace People (Northern Ireland), Plaid Cymru, Sefton and West
Lancashire Green Party, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Campaign of
Labour MP's, Socialist Labour Party, Socialist Party, Socialist
Workers Party, Socialist Resistance, Student Campaign Forum, Tribune,
UKIM, University of North London Students Union,Women's Coalition for
Peace and Development (New Delhi), Women's Interntational League for
Peace and Freedom (UK Section), World Ahlu Albayt Islamic League
(WABIL), World Assembly of Muslim Youth, Young Muslim Organization UK.

Supporting individuals include: -

Baroness Uddin, John Austin MP, Harold Best MP, Helen Clark MP, Tony
Clarke MP, Harry Cohen MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, John Cryer MP, Tam
Dalyell MP, Jim Dobbin MP, Bill Etherington MP, George Galloway MP,
Neil Gerrard MP, Paul Marsden MP, John McDonnell MP, Adam Price MP,
Alan Simpson MP, Llew Smith MP, Jon Trickett MP, Mike Wood MP, Tony
Worthington MP, Jean Lambert MEP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Baroness Sarah
Ludford MEP, Ken Livingstone (Mayor of London), Diran Adibayo
(novelist), Damon Albarn (singer), Tariq Ali (writer), Yasmin
Alibhai-Brown (writer), Roger Allum (actor), Felicity Arbuthnot
(journalist), Frankie Armstrong (singer), Steve Ashley
(singer-songwriter), Adam Alphabet (musician, writer), Roy Bailey
(singer), Yunus Baksh (UNISON Executive), Roger Bannister (UNISON
Executive), Simon Barrow (Assistant General Secretary, Churches
Together in Britain and Ireland), Graham Bash (Labour Briefing), Tony
Benn, Ronan Bennett (novelist, screenwriter), Rt. Rev. Colin Bennetts
(Bishop of Coventry), Antonia Bird (film director), Ann Black (Labour
NEC), Jim Boumelha (Treasurer, International Fed. of Journalists),
Rosie Boycott (editor), Billy Bragg (singer song-writer), Saffron
Burrows (actor), Alex Callinicos (professor of politics, York
University), Barry Camfield (TGWU Assistant General Secretary), Anna
Chen (writer, actor), Noam Chomsky, Louise Christian (lawyer), Tony
Church (PCS NEC), Caryl Churchill (playwright), Ruth Clarke (London
Labour Party Regional Board), Ken Coates (former Labour MEP, peace
activist), Mary Compton (NUT Vice President), Crack Village (band),
Bob Crow (RMT General Secretary), Helen Currie (NUT Executive), Karl
Dallas (music writer), Hazel Danson (NUT Executive), Liz Davies
(former Labour NEC), Jeremy Dear (NUJ General Secretary), Andy de la
Tour (actor), Brian Eno (musician), Jem Finer (founder member of the
Pogues), Kat Fletcher (NUS Women's Officer), Jeff Fowler (NATFHE NEC),
Paul Foot (journalist), Nina Franklin (NUT Executive), Jim Friel (GPMU
Scotland), Lindsey German (editor), Baljeet Ghale (NUT Executive),
Andy Gilchrist (FBU General Secretary), Terry Gilliam (film-maker),
Ginger Tom (Aus. band), Janice Godrich (PCS, President), Mike Gonzalez
(Glasgow University), Paul Gorman (music author), Tony Graham (theatre
director), Suresh Grover (anti-racist campaigner), Jeremy Hardy
(broadcaster, writer), Susannah Harker (actor), Chris Harman (editor,
Socialist Worker), Stephanie Harrison (lawyer), Dave Harvey (NUT
Executive), Billy Hayes (CWU General Secretary), John Haylett
(editor), Cllr. Michael Hindley (Labour MEP 1984-99), Kate Hudson
(CND), Louise Hutchins (NUS NEC), Rosalie Huzzard (peace activist),
Max Hyde (NUT Executive), Lucy Irvine (travel writer), John
Illingworth (NUT Past President), Bianca Jagger (human rights
campaigner), Jeres (musician, writer) Robb Johnson (singer), Gary
Jones (CWU NEC), Simon Jones (NUT Executive), The Revd. Father Tony
Kaunhoven (Old Brampton, Chesterfield), Roz Kaveney (author), Kevin
Kelly (PCS NEC), Roger King (NUT Executive), Mark Lamarr (comedian),
Bryony Lavery (playwright), Doreen Lawrence (campaigner), Revd. Ken
Leech (St. Botolph's Church, London), Anne Lind (Norwegian writer),
Graham Linehan (writer, Father Ted), Ken Loach (film-maker), Jane
Loftus (CWU NEC), Cllr. Janice Long (Brent), Kim Longinotto
(film-maker), Massive Attack, Paul Mackney (NATFHE General Secretary),
Mairead Corrigan Maguire (Nobel Peace Laureate), Mike Marqusee
(writer), Donnachadh McCarthy (Deputy Chair Liberal Democrats), Cllr.
Karen McKay (Coventry), Ellie Mensingh (co-ordinator, Student
Christian Movement), Adrian Mitchell (poet), George Monbiot (writer),
Suzanne Moore (columnist, Mail on Sunday), Jim Mortimer (former Labour
Party general secretary), Mo Mowlam (former Labour cabinet minister),
Martha Mundy (academic), Ian Murch (NUT Executive), Daniel Murphy (NUS
NEC), Andrew Murray (Research officer, ASLEF), Charles Shaar Murray
(music writer), Robert del Naja (musician), Cllr. Dave Nellist
(Coventry council), Mark New (UNISON Executive), Hugh O'Shaughnessy
(journalist), Kath Owen (NUS NEC), Cllr. Ian Page (Lewisham), Roger
Lloyd Pack (actor), Pandit G (musician), Ralph Parkinson (UNISON NEC),
Hasan Patel (NUS NEC), John Pilger (journalist), Alan Pillay
(comedian, singer), Harold Pinter (playwright), Andrew Price (NATFHE
NEC), Philip Quast (actor), Corin Redgrave (actor), Jemma Redgrave
(actor), John Rees (editor, International Socialism), Bernard Regan
(NUT Executive), Carole Regan (Past President, NUT), Asad Rehman
(human rights campaigner), Mick Rix (ASLEF General Secretary), Yvonne
Ridley (journalist), Yvonne Roberts (writer), Jim Robertson (GPMU
NEC), Anita Roddick OBE (founder of The Body Shop), Gordon Roddick
(co-founder of The Body Shop), Bernard Roome (CWU Executive), Steven
Rose (scientist), Hilary Rose (scientist), Michael Rosen (broadcaster,
writer), Leon Rosselson (singer), Sheila Rowbotham (writer), Kevin
Rowland (musician), Helen Salmon (NUS Executive), Ian Saville
(magician), Julia Sawalha (actor), Prof. Phil Scraton (Director,
Centre for Studies in Crime and Social Justice, Edge Hill UC), Adrian
Searle (art critic), Mark Seddon (Labour NEC), Lynne Segal (writer),
Will Self (novelist), Mark Serwotka (PCS General Secretary), Christine
Shawcroft (Labour NEC), Dr. Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (Muslim Parliament),
Iain Sinclair (writer), A. Sivanandan (writer), Richard Smith
(Associate Editor, Gay Times), Gordon Stainforth (writer and
photographer), Mark Steel (broadcaster, writer), Dr. Carolyn Stephens
(Senior Lecturer, LSHTM), Rae Street (peace activist), Stephen Sumner
(editor, Yachting Universe), The Revd. John Swarbrick (Chair, London
South West District of the Methodist Church), Mark Thomas (comedian),
Jean Thorp (UNISON Executive), Colin Thubron (novelist), Malcolm
Tierney (actor), Frances de la Tour (actor), Tony Tonks (NUT
Executive), Faz Velmi (NUS NEC), Hillary Wainwright (editor), Marina
Warner (writer), David Watkin (cinematographer), Harriet Walter
(actor), Natasha Walter (writer), Danny Williamson (PCS Executive),
Michael Winterbottom (director), Jeanette Winterson (writer), Cllr.
Rob Windsor (Coventry council), Susan Wooldridge (actor), Robert Wyatt
(musician), Gary Younge (writer). (NB: Organisations listed for
identification purposes only)

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