Orwell, Cockburn, Spain (end of thread ?!)

Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at wolmail.nl
Tue Nov 26 14:38:10 MST 2002

Cherie wrote:

Jurriaan, it was you who brought up the preference for Czarist imprisonment
as opposed to Stalinist. I hadn't said a word up until then. So, why are you
now claiming that I am pulling you into a "silly sectarian argument," one
you, btw, started?

Okay, forget it.... I have no such "preference", I prefer to stay out of as
many prisons as I can. Did you know that in the USA, justabout a million
people are in jail ? It is like a Gulag Archipelago, the prison-industrial

As far as your charge that I don't have "the political knowledge or
experience" to express a political opinion as you just said, I am sorry to
disappoint you.

I make no claims whatsoever about your political knowledge or your ability
to express a political opinion. I am talking about little groups of
intellectuals grandiosely calling themselves a "world party of socialist
revolution" or else defending the policies of a "workers paradise" which
most didn't even have any experience of.

I have been around for a while, in fact since August 1965
when I participated, and got arrested, in my first antiwar demonstration in
Washington, DC.

That's impressive. I got arrested in 1981 for obstructing the police during
an unemployed demonstration against the Prime Minister of New Zealand (this
wasn't true, they just pulled me out of the crowd, over a crowd barrier,
tearing my clothes). I didn't know much yet about geo-political conflicts at
that stage.

I am not able to be very politically active, but I intend to do work for the
election campaign of the Dutch SP. Membership is up again to 35,000 and the
SP aims to enlarge the parliamentary fraction from 9 to about 17-20 seats,
which according to the polls is feasible. The SP is resolutely opposed
against war with Iraq and Dutch involvement in this.



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