Orwell, Cockburn, Spain

LouPaulsen at attbi.com LouPaulsen at attbi.com
Tue Nov 26 15:05:44 MST 2002

> Juriaan and LouP --
> Both of you, chill out! The term "Stalinist" is pretty much
> meaningless, today.  [etc.]

Hey, I pretty much agree.  But I wasn't the one who brought it up.  It was
brought up by more than one person who explained and dismissed Alex Cockburn's
criticism of Orwell by reference to Cockburn's supposed "Stalinism".  So if
those people will chill out, and Juriaan will chill out, and I chill out, then
you can chill out :-)  If that is the metaphor we want.  The first snow of the
season is several inches deep outside and my office is chilly enough,
actually :-(


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