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Jurriaan Bendien J.Bendien at
Tue Nov 26 15:32:53 MST 2002

Mike Friedman wrote:

"If you are referring to members of earstwhile Stalinist parties (C.o.C.,
CP, etc.), there are good folks doing good work in those groups. Don't write
them off so facilely, Juriaan".

I don't write them off at all, even if I differ in my interpretations of
history and political method. I have lived next door to them, worked with
them, and attended their meetings in the past.  In fact, if you look it up,
you will see that I recently signed a petition in support of the civil
rights of Filipino communist Jose Maria Sison, currently charged with
"terrorism" in The Netherlands, where we live.

The Dutch SP I am an ordinary member of was founded by, and is led by,
people from the Maoist tradition. There are plenty of communists and
ex-communists in it from various traditions, but everybody agrees we want to
convey socialist politics in a way that is relevant to the concerns of
working people and beneficiaries in our own country. That policy gets
results, and sectarian quarrels don't. The SP can prove that, by a
fast-growing membership and an increasing number of activists.



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