Cockburn's supposed "Stalinism"

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> Subject: Cockburn's supposed "Stalinism"
> I think we're talking around in circles here, and it's quite centrifugal.
> Personally, the Spanish Revolution is for me an area I can talk about
> forever, no holds barred at all. But people are only 'touching' on it, and
> then assuming Cockburn is a Stalinist because of his failure to defend the
> Revolution from the Stalinists, etc. etc.

Probably it's better to let go of it, David. There is a whole other view
about what happened in Spain, and it's what you would call Stalinist
apologetics, or indeed just plain vanilla Stalinism. Me personally, I could
also go on for hours about why the Spanish communist party was right and why
the anarchists, POUM, Trotskyists were wrong, in the wider scheme of things.
But who is gonna be persuaded that any of it even matters, at this distance?
Oh, well, please yourself, you will anyway. But in my book your relentless,
tedious anti-Stalinism is just another kind of redbaiting.


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