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Tue Nov 26 20:50:39 MST 2002

Five new titles have recently been published by Resistance Books
which may be of interest. See <>
for a short blurb on each and picture of the cover. The titles
are listed below.

ALSO: I'm updating the LINKS website
(<>). The latest issue, number 22, can
be previewed, including the introduction. The articles will begin
appearing on the web site soon.

Ben Courtice.

Lenin and the Bolshevik Party - A reply to Tony Cliff
By Bruce Landau. 2002, 62pp, $5.95
(This text, which I highly reccommend to follower's of Tony
Cliff's ideas and critics alike for its thought-provoking
exposition of Leninism and criticism of Tony Cliff's views, is
also available on-line at
<> or for a
zipped version at

Marxist Writings on History and
Philosophy                                       By George
Novack. 2002, 272pp, $21.95

Fascism - What it is & how to fight it
by Leon Trotsky. 2002, 50 pp, $5.95

The Palestinian Struggle, Zionism & Anti-Semitism
2002, 56pp, $5.95

An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
by Ernest Mandel. 2002, 62 pp, $5.95

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