UK news media: Pilger under attack

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Wed Nov 27 00:59:56 MST 2002

I followed that exchange. Most of what is in the
New Statesman is uninformative rubbish, with
Pilger and Mark Thomas and the business columnist
(can't remember his name now) being the notable
exceptions. Those three are the only reason why I
ever read the mag. Pilger was being
attacked--even by his own company's head--for
criticizing Israel. That is all it came down to.

I have to agree with Pilger, Hari's stuff (see
the piece on Hinduism for an example) is total
crap, too.

Pilger is one of the few great journalists still
stirring things up from a leftist viewpoint and
reaching a mass audience at the same time. More
power to him. And he makes great films, too. He
doesn't have to hide his views behind humor the
way Michael Moore does. Though rather than
subsidize the New Statesman, I just wait for his
stuff to be put on his Carlton homepage.

Charles Jannuzi

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