New Lodge 6 Enquiry

Michael Keaney michael.keaney at
Wed Nov 27 02:35:46 MST 2002

Domhnall writes:

Perhaps Micheal Keaney might be interested in this account from this week's



Thanks for this. I am aware of David McKittrick's limitations as a source of
news on Northern Ireland, especially given his use of a full page in the
Independent to smear Colin Wallace back in 1987, something for which he has
yet to make any apology or retraction, as far as I know. Nevertheless even
he must report at least some of what is happening in order to retain a
certain credibility, and even if he is only scratching the surface events
like these are profoundly significant in driving the current transition
process. I tend to agree with Phil F. about what this means in practice, as
you know, but I wouldn't want you to give up offering your own perspectives
and information on account of that.



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