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Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Wed Nov 27 03:13:22 MST 2002

When Richard Fidler and I were exchanging views on the SWP and the
discussion on the list, I forgot to take note on one point in his article
that I think needs to be commented on because he is probably not the only
person thinking about it.  I didn't  notice it at the time because my mind
was elsewhere.

Richard wrote:
"I liked
your list, and could even add a few such outfits that are not necessarily
"finished" as potential _components_ (not nuclei) of a future mass
revolutionary party. I was reminded of this today when reading that WSWS
item on Germany that someone posted to the Marxmail list. Who would have
thought that David North's group could produce such journalistically
professional -- and often very perceptive -- analyses?"

While there are many groups that we should all be open to collaborating with
and where revolutionary fighters are likely to turn up, I don't think David
North and the World Socialist Web Site is going to be among them.

This is a product of the disintegration of the Workers League, the group in
the United States that followed Healy's "fourth international."

 North split from the rest of they Healy outfit sometime after they expelled
Healy.  He protested their decision to repudiate their slander campaign
against SWP leader Joseph Hansen as an agent of the Soviet secret police who
was complicit in the assassination of Trotsky.

After the Workers League collapsed, North formed the Socialist Equality
Party, and the World Socialist Website appears to be the online journal of
this group and its international allies.

The last time I checked out a literature table of this group was at the
April 20  antiwar demonstration.

The table carried  material supporting the slander campaign against Hansen,
as well as the related slander campaigns against Jack Barnes and 11 other
SWP members who attended Carleton College as CIA agents, and material
supporting the frameup of Mark Curtis, a meatpacker and SWP member in Iowa
who, while he was involved in defending immigrant workers arrested in an INS
raid at his plant,  was railroaded to jail for eight years on rape and
burglary charges.

Also, the Socialist Equality Party appears to have a position opposing
unions and strikes.  While this formally resembles the sectarian positions
held by the  basically defunct Socialist Labor Party, I think it is an
extension of disruptive activities the Workers League carried out at plant
gates, union picket lines, and other union activities.

While the World Socialist Website may have its attractive features -- North
has a lot of rebuilding to do, after all -- I believe that what lies behind
it is as sick and reactionary as the Workers League ended up being.

This doesn't detract from the overall validity, in my opinion, of the point
Richard Fidler was making.
Fred Feldman

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